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What Advice Would My Future Self Give Me?

What Advice Would My Future Self Give Me?

– Reflection Diary –

Things excite you often… The dopamine is real…

But when those new things fade, the real work starts… You will feel like quitting and moving onto the next shiny thing..

Although we love to do that… like a lot… Progress is stopped and rewounded back to the beginning like old VHS tapes…

Stop rewinding our tape!

Two VHS cassette tapes

When you have the itch to learn about something new and exciting… See it through to the end… Don’t quit.. especially too early.

There is a proper time to quit, and so far, none of them have been the right time…

Looking back at some of our past projects, after deciding to quit them to EARLY…

I have stumbled onto other creators we networked with years ago who stuck with their projects, and guess what…. They are thriving.

Doing something they love (I presume) while making a living doing so. That could be you. That could have been us!

But not all is lost!

We still can do this… It’s not out of reach…

I have been intrigued with ‘Curiosity’ leveraging what we love best about it… Asking questions to things we are interested in. Learning about that thing and shouting it on all social media platforms.

I am now tying to create a community of like-minded curiosity seekers. I want us to question things, help each other, provide answers to life’s purpose your, ours and theirs…

Let’s fill this world with people who truly care about making this life the best life… The world a better place..

A world where our inner kid is free to ask as many questions as possible… It’s through this that I truly believe we will find happiness.