I write about things that fuel my Curiosity and Creativity and things I find Interesting.
Mans face, with a look of Focus, about to sprint. The Beginners Guide to Focus (2024)

Focus the Beginners Guide (2024)

Focusing on something isn’t like an on-and-off switch. Focus is something we hone, practice and scalp.  Think of it like ...
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Chasing Squirrels - Shiny Object Syndrome. A squirrel that paused on a tree staring at the camera.

Chasing Squirrels – Shiny Object Syndrome

Do you look out the window see squirrels and start the chase? Chasing squirrels is also referred to as Shiny ...
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A boy in a spacesuit playing with a camera exploring. Is Curiosity An Emotion?

Is Curiosity An Emotion?

Is Curiosity An Emotion? Remember being a child and how we played the “what’s that” game? While our parents answered ...
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