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What Is Curiosity?

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In this article, I will dive into the world of curiosity. Curiosity is an innate human tendency to help us navigate the world which begins with birth into this world. Yet, at one stage in life, we tend to act like curiosity is something bad, something others will judge us upon. Therefore, we end up […]

The Story of Curiosity, Creativity and Me…

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The Beginning At a very young age, probably around thirteen years old, I started to notice my curiosity. My thirst for it. My pleasure of learning something new. Something interesting. I spend the next little while learning all I can about the ‘thing’. Not perfecting it, but enough that my thirst to know is satisfied. […]

My Book List…

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An Ever Growing List of Books I have been slowly compiling a list of books I have read or would like to read. I shared this resource before and found it was quite helpful to some users, specifically Reddit. See below for FREE access to the listing. The links associated with the book resource are […]

How to Apply “J” Curve Concepts to Business

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Ever wondered why some businesses experience an initial downturn before skyrocketing to success? That’s the J Curve in action! In this video, we’ll cover: 1️⃣ What the J Curve is and its origins in economic theory. 2️⃣ Real-life example of a business that is affected by the J Curve. 3️⃣ Practical tips on how your […]

Introduction to Curious Dreamer YouTube Channel

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Curious Dreamer is a channel where I’ll be sharing videos about things I love. I’ll be exploring new things, dreaming about new dreams, and having fun while I do it! So come on over and join me on this journey to explore the world around me. I hope you’ll enjoy watching my videos as much […]