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Welcome! Paolo here. Father of two and husband to one (of course) wife. My family is my life. I have many hobbies and areas of interest that this site will satisfy. Also, I am using this site tied to my name as an accountability buddy. Creating a multitude of content to satisfy my thirst for knowledge and hopefully something useful to read for you.

I Am A Writer, Blogger & Content Creator

I wear many hats, as you can tell. I tend to gravitate towards subjects that pique my interest.  

From entrepreneurship and blogging to e-commerce to content creation, educating myself and more. 

If it’s new and exciting to me… You can bet I’ll shift my focus and learn what I can about it until it’s no longer exciting. 

With that, though, comes a negative connotation… Jack of all trades master of none type personality. 

Men fear what they don't understand what what they can't conquer, guess it's just the theory of man!
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Paolo Trulli


I have dabbled in various entrepreneurial endeavours. Some call them failures, but I refer to them as lessons learned…

To name a few: 

  • AmazonFBA
  • E-com
  • Digital Marketing
  • NFT Financial Portfolio
  • Artist (wannabe)
  • Digital Content
  • Design 
  • Podcasting
  • Probably many more

Why should you listen to me? Although this list is extensive, I have learned something in each and every project I have been a part of.  Whether it was finding and working with co-founders, finances marketing and alike. I plan to post about my experiences in due time. 

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